The Day the Wienermobile Visited Kansas Public Radio


By J. Schafer on Fri, 04/13/2018 - 14:52 Kansas Public Radio's eternal spring fund drive was bringing us down. We were tired of asking for pledges, tired of asking people to call (888) 577-5268 to support the station we know they're listening to. We needed something to boost morale. We needed something to put a smile on our collective faces - something beyond hearing a phone ring inside Pledge Central. The staff (and our hard-working friends next door at Audio-Reader) needed a diversion, if only for a short while. And on Thursday, we got one. The giant, hot dog-shaped vehicle known affectionately as The Wienermobile will be making appearances at Lawrence area Dillons stores this weekend. For a complete itinerary of future stops, download the...

The Day the Wienermobile Visited Kansas Public Radio

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